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We are back for another cycle challenge to try and raise money for people who need help and assistance.  Over the past 6 years we have raised close to £90,000 for various charity’s and wish to continue this commitment.

The ride takes place every second year and below is the journey so far

2013 – London to Paris

2015 – Paris to Geneva

2017 – Geneva to Nice

For 2019 the team are following the journey so far and will be starting in Nice and cycling across to the medieval city of Carcassonne.  In the middle of the ride the team will tackle the world famous mountain Mont Ventoux.  This is a serious challenge and famously claimed the life of the British cyclist Tommy Simpson in 1967.

The ride itinerary is as follows:

19th June     Nice- La Matre - 72km

20th June    La Matre - Manosque 113km via the Gorges du Verdon

21st June     Manosque - Malaucene 102km (with the 26km climb of Mont Ventoux, gaining 1300m in altitude)

22nd June   Malaucene to Ganges 150km 

23rd June    Ganges - Carcassonne 164km

Here are a few reasons why we are doing this cycle:

This year the team have chosen Lupus UK as one of the charities to raise funds for in memory of Neil Holland’s wife, Lorraine, who passed away last year. This is Neil’s story:

"I feel honoured and privileged to have spent 26 amazing years with my beautiful wife Lorraine (Lol) Holland. She sadly passed away on Sunday 3rd June 2018 (aged just 48) surrounded by her close family in Intensive Care at Southport Hospital.

Together we lived life to the fullest with our three children - all we ever tried to do was create the best memories for the children; give them roots, a heart and wings.

Lol was admitted to A&E with difficulty breathing on Monday 21st May. The first week in hospital she was treated with a chest infection which became very bad a week later when she was transferred to a High Dependency Unit. She was treated there for two days before escalation to Intensive Care where she sadly slipped away four days later.

Lol made no secret of the fact that she had Lupus. She learnt of her affliction when she was a teenager and did all she could to avoid any potential flare ups. In 1995 she spent over three weeks in Hospital with severe kidney damage caused directly by Lupus. This was treated for the rest of her life by medication and regular out patients appointments.

Regardless between 1995 & 2018 she rarely complained about her suffering and just got on with her life. Despite the tiredness, lethargy, pain and other symptoms Lol did not let that get in the way of things – she loved life and her family so much.

Myself and my Three Children (Alexandra, Grace & Oliver) will Cycle back into Carcassonne with the riders to escort them on part of the final leg of the Journey".

Lupus UK is the leading National Charity that helps sufferers.


The team are also fundraising for Young Minds and below Andy Thorne shares his experience:  

“10% of all children and young people (aged 5-16 years) have a clinically diagnosable mental health problem yet 70% of children and adolescents who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age. This is an issue as 50% of mental health problems in adults are established by the age of 14 and 75% by the age of 24.

Over recent years my eldest daughter, Evie, developed anxiety and emotional dysregulation and her struggles have increased in which time she has had three hospital admissions following some horrific self-harm, a behaviour in girls that has an alarming rise of 68% since 2011, which has escalated to life threating incidents. An earlier intervention may have avoided the risks of accidental suicide she / we have encountered.

During this time there is support in the community (Children & Adolescent  Mental Health support CAMHS) however they only have the resources to support 1 in 5 of those needing support. The NSPCC recognise if children don’t receive the right kind of help and support, the damage can last a lifetime and include post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or suicidal thoughts throughout adulthood. Unfortunately the resourcing is not only an issue in the community. During Evie’s last incident there was not a single space in the whole of the country to facilitate an admission as an emergency patient for a week and then for four weeks after that to access a general assessment unit.

We are fortunate that Evie has her diagnosis and her treatment prescribed is dialectical behaviour therapy. The programme takes 12 months through which time Evie’s struggles will hopefully become less but will inevitably continue whilst she learns new strategies to cope better. Our journey has been a disturbing and turbulent time for more than two years  already with at least another year to go. The support required is regular to help avoid crisis situations arising but unfortunately the demand on this already stretched resource is increasing. The young minds charity is leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges. They are there to make sure they get the best possible mental health support and have the resilience to overcome life’s difficulties. The crisis in children and young people’s mental health is real and it is urgent. More children and young people than ever before are reaching out for help with their mental health but, for those who take that brave step, help is much too hard to find.

Together, we are changing this. We’re fighting for young people’s mental health. Please join our fight and support the next generation now.”

DM Thomas Foundation for Young People

DM Thomas Foundation for Young People (DMTFYP) helps young people to be the best that they can be. Focusing on what children and young people up to the age of 25 can do, the Foundation works to improve the quality of education and the provision of health care by providing training, equipment, and support. With your help we can transform young lives.

16 heroes fundraising today.

The trip is self funded which means all the funds raised will go directly to charity.

We will be cycling for the DM Thomas Foundation for Young People (DMTFYP)World Bicycle Relief (WBR), Lupus UK and Young Minds. The monies raised will be split equally amongst the charities

We want to raise £30,000 - so help us make a difference today no matter how small your contribution.

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