For 10 years Around the World in a Day (AWD) has enabled us to support young people in communities all over Europe.

Collectively we have travelled 435,220.26KMs,  supported 759 projects, raised £788,011 and supported 140,291 young people!

This year we want to make it 11 times around the world together as a team and raise lots of funds!

Once you've signed up (by emailing Samiya the Foundation on then you set up your fundraising page. Follow the steps below: 

1. Click Start Fundraising on the left hand side of the page.
2. Enter your email, full name and create a password to sign up.
3. You will be taken to your event page where you can personalise the details of your event. (Please note: when asked about Gift Aid, please make sure to select ‘no’ when asked whether you will receive any benefit from your event.)
4. Click ‘Create supporter page’ and make a note of its URL.
5. Follow the ‘4 Small Actions’ that will help personalise your page and will help advertise your page on social media. You can use and personalise the Suggested Text below for your personal story, and remember to use our hashtags #awd2017 #awd10yrs
6. You can change your Page title, your fundraising goal and your story.
7. Email with information about your event.
8. Update your page regularly.

REMEMBER - you can update this page with pictures and status updates to engage with your supporters. You can also thank your donors directly after each donation via this page. Any offline donations can also be added so that your total is accurate.

Suggested Text
Thanks for visiting my page! I am taking part in a Around the World in Day to raise funds for DM Thomas Foundation for Young People and xxx to help transform young lives.
The Foundation helps young people who are ill, disabled or homeless by improving their access to care and education. By providing equipment, training, refurbishment and opportunities, the Foundation ensures that as many young people as possible have the opportunity of a better future and I am committed to helping them in their work.
Every pound you donate makes a difference to a young person’s life.


DM Thomas Foundation for Young People

DM Thomas Foundation for Young People (DMTFYP) helps young people to be the best that they can be. Focusing on what children and young people up to the age of 25 can do, the Foundation works to improve the quality of education and the provision of health care by providing training, equipment, and support. With your help we can transform young lives.

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